Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My website now has 188 hits! It makes me wonder 'Who is looking at my website!?' It's quite exciting.

My goal this week was to complete the masters crochet program but I don't think I'm gonna make it. Which means I'll have to ask for an extension. I've really enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anyone wanting to develop their crochet skills. The first half comes with descriptions as to how to create the swatch they are asking for, including diagrams for clarity. Chances are that if you've been crocheting a while and/or have done a variety of crochet projects then you can complete this program. For me this was money very well spent!! Visit the Crochet Guild of America website at www.crochet.org for more info.

I start a new series of the BEGINNING CROCHET CLASS and a brand-new series of TUNISIAN CROCHET PROJECT CLASS in September. Each series is 4 sessions. Visit http://tashiab.com/crochet_teaching_schedule OR www.knit1chgo.com for more info.

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