Sunday, February 20, 2011

finishing the master crochet course

I have finally submitted my name for the master crochet course review. There has been a backlog of those submitting a portfolio for review so I expect to have a few more months to wait, then a month longer while it is being reviewed. In the meantime, I am remaking some of the swatches. I started the portfolio by using cotton and, based on the ravelry discussion, cotton does not do well with the reviewers. Somewhere near the end I switched to wool and now I'm returning to the beginning and remaking those that could really look better in wool.

Yesterday I went through my yarn, hooks and book stash and cataloged everything on ravelry. Whew! I think ravelry's "bookshelf" is really neat! It is so fun to see all of my books and magazines displayed that way. And the best part is that I can do a pattern search based on only MY books and magazines. So awesome! Not all my books and magazines were in ravelry's system, but life goes on.

My goal is to complete the the master's portfolio and the 2 unfinished projects (a filet crochet tank top and and afghan) before I begin any projects in my ravelry queue!! It does feel good to be productive and not procrastinate anymore.  :)

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