Friday, May 21, 2010

The drive to CREATE

I'm go excited about a little crochet group that is growing one person at a time. In 2 months we have doubled in size! Now at 45 members. After making June's schedule, I am more excited than ever. Crocheting at the Gospel Music Festival in Millennium Park on June 5, joining in the World Wide Knit in Public Day at the French Market downtown on June 12 and our very first monthly workshop on June 19. The workshop has gotten the quickest response of any previous meetup. What a hunger there is for crochet knowledge! It warms my heart.

How amazing it is that in a day when machines can make our clothes, accessories and home decor, we still have this drive to create them. At Knit 1, people continue to sign up for knitting and crochet classes. (We just scheduled new beginning crochet classes and Tunisian crochet basics classes.) There is just something about making something with your hands. Yesterday was the second beginning crochet class and the students came in showing off what they had made with there new skills. It is amazing how a hook and yarn can make you feel. I guess it all makes since when you think that we were made in the image of our CREATOR  and we were given his desire to CREATE.  :)

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